The FEST series star gets his own film

Graham Aggasiz is one of the rising stars in freeride mountain biking. He qualified first for Red Bull Rampage last year with a score of 94.00 but ended up injuring himself in final practice. Considering in the finals, Andreu Lacondeguy won with a score of 95.00, Aggasiz would certainly have run him close.

He is also integral in the FEST series that is turning free ride on its head. His own event, Aggy’s Reunion, has just celebrated it’s second year as sround two of the current series. The course contains 50 foot gaps, massive drops and huge hips making Kamloops a new must visit for any aspiring freerider.

But it’s not all been easy for Aggy, he’s suffered his fair share of injuries and his new film, Ashes to Aggasiz shows how he reacted to a recently sustained broken neck.

You can see the trailer and above and safe to say it looks like it’s going to be a good one. The Kona rider has really stepped up his game for this one with massive tricks, firework-laden-jeep stunts and some absolutely brutal crashing.

The full film will be released on iTunes on August 25 and we are extremely excited.