Erice van Leuven is back to win the MTB internet. Little sister shredding the trails on her 24in wheel mountain bike. Big brother behind the camera.

There’s nothing like keeping it in the family!

Shot down under (and a bit sideways) in New Zealand. In the modern MTB mecca for Rotorua to be exact, this video will get your week off to flying start.

Some more kool kids…

10 year old Erice shredding on her 16in wheel bike in 2017

It’s was only February in 2017 but we already predicted this video would be up there with the best videos you’ll see all year. It was – and remains – so cool.

We named it as our Best mountain bike video of 2017 in fact.

It’s rowdy. It’s fun. It’s short. It’s punchy. No faff. No frills. It’s just plain rad.

Best bit? It’s all the best bit!

But… clearing tabletop jumps at 24 secs? That is totally awesome.

But then that’s only the taster for the gap jumps later on.

Hip-to-hip transfer complete with just a little hint of a lookback-at-camera? Yes!