Eight jaw-dropping videos of toddlers and kids showing off their bike skills

We’ve rounded up some seriously impressive riding clips featuring kids who are barely old enough to go to school let alone be teaching the rest of us how to ride.

Featuring riders age 3 through to 10 years old, here are the gobsmacking clips…

3 years old

Let’s start with something vaguely doable but still impressive. We’ve all built kerbside ramps as kids right? Kudos to the kid for doing this with stabilisers on too.

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4 years old

Okay then, already we’re into the sickeningly talented category. There are very few 40 year olds who can pin downslopes and huck drops like this pair.

5 years old

Yep, it’s the same pair of kids again. What a difference a year makes eh? Whilst a lot of us could probably do the stuff they did in the video above, the video below just makes us feel like retiring and taking up golf.

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6 years old

More of the same (this is the last vid from this pair – thank goodness). We’re including it mainly for the excellent egging-them-on pavement jump right at the start. Those were the days hey? (Not that we’ve ever really stopped egging our mates to do ill-advised stunts)

7 years old

Skip to 24 seconds to get straight into the Evel Knievel stylee madness. How long is the kid in the air for?? (And how fantastic does his freehub sound by the way?)

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8 years old

At first we thought this video was just being a bit generous to the kid; he doesn’t properly land his first attempt. But then he goes back for another go… You’ll be crying too. With jealousy.

9 years old

Bravery and bravado is all very well. We can all kind of pretend we’re not that bothered about doing doing backflips and sending huge jumps. But who doesn’t want to be able to ride as smoothly as this little… person.

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10 years old

With a name like Jackson Goldstone your life is already winning. Impressive velocity from the lad in this vid.

We especially like the way his poor old Dad takes the chicken line on some of the jumps. It makes us feel a bit better about ourselves.