In one of our more bizarre stories this year, an urban downhill race in Slovakia was brought to a sudden halt in June as Neo-Nazis invaded the finish area.

Brazilian GT rider Bernardo Cruz was completing his race run at round three of the City Downhill World Tour in Bratislava but had to stop halfway down the hill as a violent mob swamped the bottom of the course. Click to see his helmet cam footage here.

People further up the course can been seen trying to tell Cruz to slow down, but he rode directly into the middle of the protest. The protestors were dressed all in black wearing hoods and masks.

They are reported to have broken cameras and timing equipment, leading to the abandonment of the race.


Captured on head cam (Cruz)

There was an anti-immigration rally on the same day and the group of around 300 protestors is thought to have splintered off to attack the race at Bratislava Castle. Local media reports that 27 people were arrested in connection with the event. Under Slovakian law they could face up to three years in prison for breach of the peace.

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Cruz said: “This city is really amazing! In the final meters of the track the neo nazis just ran into the track and destroyed everything, then we had to stop our race. Hope to come back to this race next year!”