Not the usual suspects

Whilst Semeuk and Matt Jones took the headlines there were some other videos that we liked more. Our number one choice is particularly fabulous.

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Here we go then, in reverse order…

7. Wheel Love – 50to01

A rough diamond of a film that would some – possibly all – of its magic if it was shot with fancier equipment and tidied up in the edit suite. This is British mountain biking in its purest form.

6. Fat Bike caught on an Electric Fence

Three blokes trying to remove a fat bike from an electric fence. Yet it’s something more than that. It’s the new Marx Brothers. Absolutely positively the funniest bike video of the year.

5. DreamRide 2

Mike Hopkins could legitimately claim two spots in this list – his nostalgia-tastic Skidsville video was great too – but we’re giving the nod to his follow-up to the stunning DreamRide, the even more stunninger DreamRide 2.

4. 100 Seconds of Trail Destruction with Matty Miles | Raw 100

Matty Miles’ entry into the Raw 100 series kinda got lost this year amidst the heavier hitting Red Bull edits from Brandon Semenuk and co. As one YouTube ocmmenter puts it: “if this was any more sick, it would be dead”.

3. Brayton RAW HB.160

Adam Brayton was the fastest looking racer on the Downhill World Cup series in 2017. One day his style and aggression will land him on the top spot. No one makes you go “effing hell” more than Adam Brayton. This video is a prime example.


Sure, Matt Jones’ amazing Frames Of Mind was jaw-dropping but it’s this intensely and satisfyingly stupid video of mountain biker wearing an oversize dinosaur costume that we watched – and made other people watch – the most.

1. 10 year old Erice shredding her little mountain bike!

How brilliant is this video? It is one billion brilliants that how brilliant it is. It lasts one hundred seconds and provokes more emotions, questions and inspirational moments than all of the above videos combined.

Congrats Erice! You have won the mountain bike internet for 2017.