New tread pattern and casing transforms performance, it’s a very adaptable mixed conditions tyre

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Schwalbe Nobby Nic II


Schwalbe Nobby Nic II tyre review


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Schwalbe’s latest Nobby Nic straddles the line between XC and trail riding, and is, simply put, miles better than the version it replaced.

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A totally new tread pattern and casing transforms performance, and, in the softer Trailstar compound, it’s a very adaptable mixed conditions tyre.

Good casing damping brings comfort and smooth rolling in dry conditions, and the knobbly, offset tread blocks are spread out enough to bite well in loose or wet ground too.

The tread clears the worst of mud and slime, but clay and rotted vegetation can clog if your local riding is sticky.

Rolling speed is great for the grip and bite on offer and (once scrubbed in) the rubber does a good job on wet roots and rocks of keeping things stable and predictable. The thicker tread blocks protect the Nic from punctures, impacts and piercing better than many other tyres at this weight too.

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We reckon 750g is about right in 27.5in size for trail riding in less demanding terrain — the ‘medium’ thickness, single-ply casing here strikes a decent compromise between weight and durability — and the sidewalls also use a Snakeskin liner to defend against cuts.

Cornering grip isn’t as insanely good as Schwalbe’s beefier Magic Mary (and seeing as it’s not much heavier, that’s the tyre for gravity fiends), but mounted tubeless, the Nic is pretty assured in most conditions.


Size tested:27.5x2.35in