As a rear-specific dry condition tyre it comes recommended.

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Maxxis Tomahawk tyre


Maxxis Tomahawk tyre review


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The low-profile, aggressive-looking Tomahawk is a new tread from Maxxis and slots into its extensive range somewhere between the fast-rolling Ardent and classic High Roller II.

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The centre tread is pretty similar to the Ardent, and offers similar pace along smoother, hard-packed trails. The main difference, though, is those enormous edge knobs, designed to increase bite when cranked over.

Maxxis claims that the Tomahawk will excel in all conditions, but we found it definitely favoured dry and hard-packed trails — things get a lot more interesting when it’s wet.

The tread pattern is open and well spaced, so theoretically won’t clog, but in reality it’s too shallow to really bite into mud in the first place.

Cornering traction is good once it’s banked over and those side knobs are engaged, but if the tyre is too upright, things can be a bit squirrely.

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On dry trails, the Tomahawk feels fast, and with one fitted front and rear, the bike fairly rips along, but the shallow knobs don’t give a huge amount of braking traction, and I found myself skating into corners.

Wear has been reasonable over the four-month test period — the rear tyre has lost the edge to its centre knobs, but those shoulder knobs are still as sharp as ever, and it will certainly last the summer out (if we ever get one).

As an all-rounder the Tomahawk falls short, but as a rear-specific dry condition tyre it comes recommended.


Sizes:26, 27.5, 29 x 2.3in
Casing:3C/EXO/TR, 3C/DD/TR