Like a shot of caffeine in the morning, the Maxxis Rekon will add a boost of speed to smooth trails.

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Score 9

Maxxis Rekon 3C Maxx Terra EXO+


  • Fast rolling summer tyre. Injects pace into any ride.


  • Light casing and minimal tread are too delicate for wet roots or really rocky terrain.


Maxxis Rekon 3C Maxx Terra EXO+ tyre review


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Maxxis’s Rekon is essentially a beefed-up Ikon XC tyre with broader shoulders. It’s a pure trail tyre and a popular choice on shorter-travel full-suspension and hardtail complete bikes to inject extra pace and rolling speed. It works especially well on the rear where it’s way faster than regular enduro tyres, while still offering predictable grip and decent comfort in drier conditions, especially considering the lack of beef in the smaller knobs.

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In the more reinforced EXO+ casing, there’s just enough toughness and durability to handle most terrain and line choices as long as the greatest puncture and impact threats are from roots, not rocks. We wouldn’t recommend the EXO version anywhere too sharp and pointy though, unless you ride quite lightly or enjoy fixing punctures.

Maxxis Rekon

From the first crank, it’s night and day noticeable how much quicker and smoother the Rekon turns over than something like a Maxxis Minion or Schwalbe Magic Mary. The tyre rolls with no bobble or wobble, and acceleration and climbing feel very snappy, to the extent you’re rewarded with real zing and surge under power for your efforts compared to chunkier and heavier rubber.

Although tread blocks are miniature, cornering and braking grip is very consistent even in the wet, so long as any looser surfaces aren’t too deep or muddy – the knobs simply aren’t tall enough to bite into mulch and loose surfaces, plus the pattern is a bit dense, so can clog up too readily.

On top of the speed and control, there’s also a nicely-damped feel absorbing small vibrations on eroded trail centre surfaces or bumpy bridleways, so you don’t get beaten up too much by the lack of impact-absorbing deeper tread blocks. This is especially true of the comfier 2.6in version that makes a ton of sense on the back of a hardtail or short travel rig.


The really rapid Rekon is the perfect remedy for being sick of dragging heavy tyres round in the dry. The lightweight, zippy feel makes it a great UK summer option for riders playing on dirt and trail centres then, even if it’s (obviously) not ideal for those hammering rocks in the wilderness.


Size tested:29x2.4in and 2.6in
Actual size:59mm (2.4in version)