This modified Newton ST is much more competent

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Good Year Newton ST Premium EN tyre


Goodyear Newton ST Premium EN tyre review


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The Goodyear Newton ST Premium is the revised version of the previously rather disappointing Goodyear Newton tyre. Have the tweaks worked?

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Last year, the (then) newly released Goodyear Newton Premium tyres failed to fully impress. The casing felt a bit stiff and wooden, and a slightly skinny volume reduced comfort. Rubber felt OK, but overall it was harder to maintain consistent traction as the tyre had a tendency to bounce and ping off edges in damp conditions.

Well, Good Year’s a massive brand with huge R&D resources, and, before the year was out, new Newton STs arrived. The Americans listened to feedback and redeveloped for more grip and composure, so what’s changed and is it any better?

The casing’s the same width and volume, as is the blocky tread pattern, but engineers tweaked the carcass lay ups, orientations and fabric thickness for more compliance. The latest tyres sidewalls should ‘squash’ under vertical impacts and loads with less force, and the Newtons now run at regular pressures, rather than around 5psi lower as previously recommended.

This ‘Premium’ enduro tyre uses a 1.5ply casing (rather than a DH dual ply) to save weight and ride suppler, but has thicker threads than the £10 more ‘Ultimate’ with a finer 120tpi (thread per inch) weave that should roll even smoother.

Straight away, the construction changes deliver a leap in comfort and tracking. You can lean more confidently and the tyre feels less nervous and more what I’d expect from other premium brands. The rubber blend has decent friction and the open tread doesn’t clog too badly in sticky conditions. The tyre also balances wear life against traction and damping well and survived a rocky, shuttle-uplifted Spanish riding trip fine.

This modified Newton ST is much more competent, but still a bit skinny volume for maximum cushioning and footprint, and the shallower blocks won’t bite in enough in UK winter conditions for riders hunting leant over grip. This is tyre is really improved and I’d like to try the Ultimate blend, but I won’t be trading Goodyearss for my Maxxis Minions just yet.


Sizes:27.5 & 29 x 2.4 & 2.6in (29 x 2.4in tested)
Actual size:58mm (2.29in)