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Milkit Compact 35 tubeless system


Milkit Compact 35 tubeless system review


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The new Milkit tubeless kit is basically a fancy sealant injector with built-in storage for a dipstick, hose and two valve stems.

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Like most tubeless valves, the Milkit stems feature removable cores, the difference is there’s a small rubber cover over the bottom, which not only prevents sealant from clogging the valve, it also allows you to remove the valve core and measure the sealant level without air escaping from the tyres.

You do this by inserting dipstick (attached to the syringe) into the valve stem but the neat thing about the system is the tyre is still under pressure, so any sealant inside the tyre is expressed into the syringe – you can actually see what it looks like and how much there is.

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To put the system to the test I fitted one of the valves to a Mavic rim and filled the tyre with 90ml of Stan’s NoTubes Race sealant. The 35mm valve stem was a little short for the rim but 55 and 75mm lengths are available for deep section rims.

After about five to six weeks riding I checked the sealant level and all what was left was a foul smelling, brown liquid. Most of the sealant had congealed onto the tyre.

Adding fresh sealant means you’ll need to remove the dipstick and re-fill the syringe but if the sealant is okay then you can just push it back in again. When I topped up the sealant I did experience a bit if air loss, and some clogging at the mouth of the syringe, but at no point did I have to remove or reseat the tyre.

Using the Milkit system has taught me an important lesson and that’s to check the sealant level more often, which I’ll be doing every four weeks from now on.

Compared to rival valves and injectors, Milkit is £10 more expensive but there’s no mess, it only takes a few minutes to check the level in both tyres and it eliminates valve clogging. If you run tubeless it’s a must have.


Stems:35mm, 55mm, 75mm available