The Ryder Innovation Nutcracker is a tiny little tool with three functions.

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Ryder Innovation Nutcracker


Ryder Innovation Nutcracker review


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The wedge shape allows you to re-set your disc pads if for some reason your lever has pulled during storage or transit. The Y-end is used to tighten the small washer on the base of a tubeless valve, and thirdly there’s an indent to remove the valve core – a spare one is even included with the tool should the stock one gets gummed up with sealant or you inadvertently snap off the lock nut.

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For removing the core this tool works great and having a spare is really handy, although you will need to remember to replace it. Tightening the base washer is sometimes necessary if the valve doesn’t seat correctly but you don’t need to tighten that much because this can split the rubber foot that sits on the inside off the rim. That said a half turn is often all that’s need to stop an air leak.

Of the three tools the disc spreader function is the least effective because it isn’t very big and there’s not a lot of leverage. I was able to get it between the pads but they are sometimes really stiff and hard to get apart, but at least you can get it started with this tool.

The Nutcracker is light, cheap and if you don’t already have a valve core removable it’s definitely worth having in your tool box or carrying on a ride.


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