The Lezyne SV11 multi-tool belies its practicality by being one of the prettiest multitools out with its polished chrome and leather-esque sleeve

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Score 8

Lezyne SV-11


  • Stainless steel construction will give years of use.
  • Most tools are sufficiently long for the size of the unit.


  • Expensive.
  • The sleeve is difficult to get back on the tool (and easy to lose).


Lezyne SV-11 multitool review


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The eleven function Lezyne SV-11 is a slimline bike oriented multitool. Suitable for carrying in a pack or pocket it has the most commonly needed tools.

The best mountain bike multitools

The Lezyne SV-11 is a very pretty tool, all slimmed down, shiny silver and rounded edges. More like a bike tool designed by Philip Starck or Alessi. design. Being one of the lightest tools of its class and with a nice black leather-effect cover, the SV11 is pretty comfortable and unobtrusive. So if you want to keep it handy in a pocket it’s not going to jab you with any sharp, pointy bits.

Plenty o’ tools

Made with a retaining body of thin alloy and tools of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the SV11 incorporates the features most riders need, including 2-8mm Allen/hex keys, Torx T25 and T30 (used for some chainring bolts) plus flat- head screwdriver and a chain tool that can also be used as a disc pad spreader. After a year or more of use the good news is the tools are still looking like new. The tool retaining bolts equally haven’t suffered from seizing up or becoming too loose to keep a tool in it’s place. Although the leather look sleeve has been lost along the way. No great loss, it only really served to make it harder to get at the tools.


The Lezyne SV11 multi-tool suffers the same issues as most of the other tools. Trying to cram a decent number of features into a small package impairs the functionality of some of the tools. Especially with the smaller hex keys which have an angled design that makes it difficult to achieve multiple rotations.

The chain tool works better than some of the same design as well, predominately due to the comfortable shape. But like most multitools chain tools it requires a strong grip to stop the tool from rotating.

Lezyne SV-11 multitool review

Overall, apart from the cost, the SV11 is a really good tool — a couple of tweaks would make it perfect.


The lightweight Lezyne SV-11 offers some well thought out features within an unmistakeable Lezyne designed tool. The use of stainless steel will mean that the tool should last years which will go some way to justifying the high price in comparison with other similar multitools


Tools:2-8mm Hex keys, T25, T30, Flat head screwdriver, Chaintool