Perfectly in keeping with Chromag’s no-nonsense attitude and aggressive riding ethic.

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Chromag BZA 35mm


Chromag BZA 35mm stem review


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With a gravity vibe at its core, Canadian brand Chromag makes everything from bikes through to stems, pedals and saddles. The BZA reflects this attitude.

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Machined with extra thick materials and running hefty bolts that are clearly designed to take a beating, the BZA is the heaviest stem on test.

Chromag offers a lighter Ranger stem, but there’s a valid argument that if you’re really pushing equipment it makes sense to go for something built for the job.

The extra weight equates to 50g or so, and for heavier riders or shredders, the extra solidity is definitely going to offset this small increase.

The BZA is one of the stiffest in this test, and with a super-wide bar clamp zone, ensures your bike goes exactly where you point it. It almost feels DH-bike rock-solid on the trails.

The BZA is a sweet, boutique product, but the steep price tag reflects the fact it’s exotic and a bit of a hipster brand.

It works great, but doesn’t provide anything over a stem that’s half the money, or 50g lighter, especially when you factor in the cost.


Colours:black, red, blue, silver
Lengths:35mm (tested), 50mm, 60mm