Even though the Specialized 2FO DH Clip is tagged as a DH shoe, the downhill features are fairly subtle, so it can be used for any sort of riding.

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Specialized 2FO DH Clip


Specialized 2FO DH Clip shoe review


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The Specialized 2FO DH Clip shoe gets a Synthetic leather upper with an in-house XPEL hydrophobic mesh backing, which reduces water absorption and also speeds up drying time. It doesn’t feel that supple, and there’s nothing, apart from the laces, to hold your foot – no retaining strap or lace flap – although the shoe does have some reinforcing bumpers on the toe and lower heel.

The in-house SlipNot FG rubber sole comes up pretty soft compared to the very best mountain bike shoes (at 65a) around the cleat area, and we found it offers really good traction on a caged clipless pedal. Specialized also extends the cleat rails slightly, offsets the cleat box and also opens it up, allowing the cleat to engage smoothly. We still needed to shim our Crankbrothers cleats, but it was one of the easiest shoes to clip in with.

Like all Specialized footwear, the 2FO DH Clip has an array of Body Geometry features, such as Longitudinal Arch, Metatarsal Button, and Varus Wedge. The foot bed is comfortable and supportive without any excess bulk. It’s also super-breathable and pretty durable – we often swap these foot beds to our other riding shoes, they’re that good.

We’ve no complaints about pedalling stiffness, but the Specialized 2FO DH Clip does feel a little bulky. It has an excellent sole, but it is a tall shoe, especially in the heel, so off the bike it’s not the most stable. It has some smart features that really boost comfort and fit but the laces can get covered in mud quite easily, making for a clumpy feel. Our biggest gripe with the 2FO DH Clip though, is the price, especially when you compare it to the Shimano SH-AM902.