This Shimano AM41 is a protective winter shoe but it lacks the grip of its rivals

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Shimano AM41


Shimano AM41 review


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With its massive front flap, the Shimano AM41 is the best shoe for keeping out the wet and mud. It’s also lightweight, doesn’t hold on to dirt, and is super-easy to clean.

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Unfortunately, the Vibram sole is one of the hardest here, so it skates around on the pedal, and there’s very little traction when walking. It’s also not particularly durable, and after only half a dozen rides, the sole started to cut up where the pins contacted.

The upper faired no better, and by the end of the test there were several cuts on the front flap and, surprisingly, the thicker material at the front of the toe.

The Shimano AM41 is roomy, but it has one of the narrowest soles on test, and as a result feels less stable compared to other flat shoes we’ve tested. However, it is thin, with just the right amount of give to allow you to bend your feet onto the pedals when climbing or pushing hard into a turn.

A great winter shoe, but you’ll need to run a pedal with aggressive pins to get the best from it.

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Weight:871g (pair)