Perfect for casual riding. Reader review by Collin Mutavayi.

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Scott FR 10 Flat shoe


Scott FR 10 Flat shoe review


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For flat pedal riding the Scott FR 10 Flat Cycling Shoes are a lifestyle-inspired shoe (no SPD) with a comfortable fit. With the Sticki rubber outsole.

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Reader review by Collin Mutavayi | Trail/XC rider
Instagram: @djcollz25

First impressions of the shoe?

I think they actually look good. The bright orange and black means they can be worn as a casual shoe and only riders will clock it’s a mountain bike shoe.

How is the fit of the shoe – ie narrow, wide, normal etc?

They fit like normal shoes and are very, very comfortable.

How stiff is the sole?

The sole is quite stiff on the pedals but doesn’t hinder walking so are a good casual shoe as well. Feels like a normal shoe with very good bump absorption.

What is the retention system (laces, BOA dial etc), and how has it performed thus far?

These come with laces and a loop to secure the laces.

How are the shoes off the bike for walking etc?

Very comfortable, behave like normal shoes.

Performance and durability – how long have you had these shoes? Which features are good/bad, and how well have they stood up to use?

I have had these shoes just under six months. I find they clean up very well and with just a wipe of wet cloth.

They feature a mesh breathable upper which I also find very good for ventilation in the hotter days, not so good for splashing through standing water unless you’re wearing waterproof socks such as Sealskinz.

The sole is hard and flat gives great stability on the pedals and walking.

The front part of the sole also has a different tread pattern handy for finding grip when pushing the bike through those bits you can’t  – or won’t – ride when it’s steep.

One thing I noticed is they provide very good protection against rock strikes etc. They are a very sturdy shoe but not so heavy.

The only downside with these is that for real, hard, bumpy trail-riding downhill they still do slip off the pedals as the sole isn’t as soft or grippy as the venerable Five Tens. But one of the reasons for buying these was to have something different from the standard.

My solution to this is to drop my heels and push into the pedals to avoid slippages. They aren’t too difficult to readjust your foot position in the middle of a technical section. So for the casual rides that aren’t too demanding – and still wanting to look good – they’re perfect. They’re just not grippy enough for hardcore trail riding.

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Rating: 7/10


Upper:Textile, Synthetic Polyurethane, 3D Airmesh
Insole:ErgoLogic removable insole
Outsole:Sticki Rubber compound