Leatt claims its new DBX 3.0 shoe for flat pedals has a soft rubber sole that is also wear and tear resistant

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Leatt DBX 3.0 shoe


Leatt DBX 3.0 shoe review


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Like most manufacturers, Leatt claims its new DBX 3.0 shoe for flat pedals has a soft rubber sole that is also wear and tear resistant.

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Leatt calls this super-sticky rubber RideGrip Compound, and athough we can’t measure its rebound properties, we can measure the durometer, and at around 70a, it’s nothing special. However, it does seem to be lasting pretty well.

The compound is only half the story though, and companies can claw back some performance by building some give into the sole. The Leatt is okay, but it just doesn’t feel as nicely sprung as the Specialized 2FO 2.0 or Bontrager Flatline shoes. The sole is stiff and efficient, but it’s just a little bit wooden.

For a new shoe Leatt has gone to town on the features. The whole front toe area of the DBX 3.0 is reinforced and there’s also a substantial heel bumper. The inside back of the shoe is extended to protect against ring and crank wear, the eyelets are oval shaped to keep the laces in-line and they’re also reinforced. The upper is a water-resistant synthetic leather and the shoe gets a low-profile padded tongue, which is also water-resistant.

This is a bulky shoe with lots of padding at the ankle but it’s not that comfortable and it also features a pretty narrow sole – it’s one of the narrowest at the pedal. This reduces the size of the contact patch, but also makes the shoe feel a little less planted. The waffle tread does interface with the pedal pins really well, but it just doesn’t feel as surefooted as the Specializeds or Five Ten Freerider Pro.

The Leatt DBX 3.0 shoe has a unique aesthetic and is feature rich, but the soft rubber sole just isn’t that soft compared to our test winners. While we appreciate the wear rate, we’d definitely trade durability for grip every day of the week.