The Freerider Elements is a water-resistant version of the standard Freerider

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Five Ten Freerider Elements


Five Ten Freerider Elements shoes review


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The Five Ten Freerider Elements is a water-resistant version of the standard Freerider. No mesh panels and it’s treated with a DWR coating to repel water.

Water can still get into the top of the shoe, but it offers a bit more protection when riding through puddles and on wet trails.

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I’ve tested both the normal and Element shoes over the last year and I actually prefer the Elements Freerider, even when riding in the dry.

This is because the synthetic upper adds quite a bit of stiffness and stability to the shoe, and it feels much more solid on the pedals as a result.

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I also found it to be harder wearing — the synthetic material doesn’t appear to cut up or tear as quickly as the mesh/canvas on the standard Freerider, and, for some reason, the rubber sole is also a lot more durable, despite looking identical.

Obviously you’re paying £5 more for the Elements’ additional features, but it’s money well spent, as this shoe is better sealed, lasts longer and offers greater support.

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Reader Reviews of Five Ten Freerider Elements

“I have had then 1.5 years. They are in great condition. Probably the laces have fared the worst but the stitching and the soles are still tight.” – Rating: 8/10 – Stuart Grant

“Two years and still going strong, through two mucky winters of riding. They don’t let water in and keep my feet dry. Easy to clean although they are looking well used now. They are my only pair of MTB shoes and I have worn them all season with no problems.” – Rating: 9/10 – Toby Ibister

“The main reason to choose the Elements is the DWR water repellent coating which thus far, has proved superb in even the roughest weather in keeping the water out and my feet dry and warm; even around the laces area which look like they would be a potential weak spot. They’re a shoe you can wear for long periods of time; they’re not overtly heavy, but retain a good solidity that ensures your feet feel quite secure as you skim at speed over rocky terrain. The S1 Stealth sole (in classic dotty pattern) is wonderfully stiff and grippy on a pair of flat pedals. They seem well made, no loose stitching or peeling rubber after six month’s wear.” – Rating: 10/10 – Alan Down

“Having worn these for every ride I’ve done since the back end of 2016, I’m stunned at the condition and performance of them. I do a couple of rides per week, mainly in the Peak District or trail centres and local stuff. Terrain varies from loose rocks and boulders like you get around the dark peak, down to loose gravel or gloopy mud that we get our fair share of in the UK! These shoes have not missed a beat for me during any of those days out. The flat sole just works, thanks mainly to the super sticky platform that makes your feet feel like they’re actually a part of the pedal. The beauty here is when things go wrong and I need to hang a foot out, the shoes don’t stop me from moving my foot off the pedal. Talking of which, I haven’t had a shin smacked by a pedal since I got these. They are waterproof, to a point. Unfortunately, the hole where you put your foot is the first place to let the water in on bad weather days, but paired with waterproof socks, they’ll help keep your feet dry for a larger part of your ride. If it’s just damp/wet grass etc..then they’ll work fine on their own with your normal socks for the duration of the ride.” – Rating: 10/10 – Robert Shaw @RobShaw777

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Sizes:38-47 (5-12)
Colours:Grey or blue