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Pro Koryak dropper post


Pro Koryak dropper post review


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For such a huge brand, Shimano was pretty slow to launch a dropper post, but here’s the component sub-brand Pro Koryak dropper.

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Since we tested this post for the first time a year ago, Pro has added a 150 and 170mm to the existing 120mm option. The Koryak is internally routed and has infinite adjustment via an under-bar 1x remote. This is still poorly positioned though, and is a bit flexy, but you can buy I-Spec II adapters now to bolt it directly to a Shimano brake lever. And we’d recommend this because the circular fixing nut on the back of the hinged clamp constantly fell out on the workshop floor.

pro koryak dropper

Like older Bontrager and Crank Bros seatposts, the Koryak uses an in-line saddle clamp with expanding circular wedges that tighten on the side against the saddle rails. This design also looks a bit like the USE clamp but it makes for faster saddle installation, although we’ve found you really have to torque on the bolt to get it to stay tight.

The new longer 150mm has a quick return speed and kicks back with an audible clunk, so you know it’s full extended action without having to look. Unfortunately, it didn’t fully insert into the seat tube on our large size test bike and the upper shaft also stopped about 20-30mm shy of full insertion when dropped. With the post down we felt too perched, which really made us hesitant on steeper rougher tracks, and when we put it back up, we had to knock it down again 20mm so we could reach the pedals without stretching.

There are good and bad things about the Koryak – it’s the cheapest post on test, it’s the lightest and it’s dead easy to set up. It did feel quite rough out of box but it has loosened up a fair bit during testing. For a budget post there’s very little play or twist in the head. It is one of the longest posts here too and that’s good if you’re a really tall rider as you’ll end up with plenty of post material in your frame. The problem is it’s too long for average height riders than normally run a 150mm post.


Diameter:30.9 and 31.6mm
Height options:120, 150, and 170mm