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KS Lev Integra


KS Lev Integra dropper post review


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A proprietary and patent-protected roller-clutch bearing design resists stanchion (and saddle) twist on the KS Lev Integra dropper post.

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Kind Shock (KS) has been a big player in the dropper post market for years now, with well-proven products and a wide range of size options, including fitment for older-style 27.2mm seat tubes, and up to 175mm of drop.

KS Lev Integra

KS’s roller-clutch bearing is very effective; keeping the seat so waggle-free that the post feels very tight and sturdy. The design obviously doesn’t add much weight either, as this is the lightest post on test.

The LEV ships with KS’s stubby, button-style remote. A split clamp eases installation and it can either sit independently or do double-duty as a lock-on grip collar. On the upper side of the bar it’s usable, but is short and a bit stiff to operate, so, if you’re running a 1x drivetrain, we’d definitely recommend upgrading to KS’s excellent Southpaw remote.

KS Lev Integra

The latest Southpaw has a refined clamp design to prevent rotation on smoother carbon bars, and transforms the LEV experience with a much more ergonomic gear-lever-style placement and smoother feel. The alloy remote is an extra £35, or there’s a more expensive carbon option that saves a few grams.

One KS trait that will irritate some (depending on your pedalling versus hiking/pushing uphill ratio) is how the LEV extends when you try and pick the bike up by the saddle – it makes it much harder to manoeuvre the bike around by hand.


The LEV’s smooth, light action remains consistent over time and throughout a wide temperature range. We’ve had issues in the past with KS posts where the saddle jams and doesn’t return freely, but this example worked perfectly. It also benefits from a slim-line head and low-profile seat collar to get the saddle very low when compressed; really useful if standover clearance is an issue.


Weight:506g post, 28g rmeote
Diameter:30.9mm, 31.6mm
Height options:100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm