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KS Suspension Lev Integra


KS Lev Integra dropper post review


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A proprietary and patent-protected roller-clutch bearing design resists stanchion (and saddle) twist on the KS Lev Integra dropper post.

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The KS Lev was one of the first internally routed dropper posts that was cable activated. It’s had a couple of tweaks over the years but there’s still a few things that could be better. KS makes a really nice Southpaw lever for £35 that is multi-adjustable but oddly KS includes an old-school, over-the-bar, lever instead.

KS Lev Integra

The other thing we don’t like about the KS Lev is it pulls up when you pick the bike up by the saddle. When new, the post is quite stiff but it soon loosens up and is particularly annoying when trying to lift the bike onto an uplift trailer or workstand. We’ve never been able to find out if this trait is intentional or just a consequence of some internal workings, either we think KS should fix it because no other post does this.

Another unique feature of the Lev Integra is it has a floating head, meaning the lower clamp spins freely on the shaft but once tighten it locks into place. It’s a great design but we think KS has missed trick because the stock clamp doesn’t have a massive range of adjustment and on bikes with really slack seat angles we often struggle to get the saddle tilted to the correct angle. Since this design is modular, a solution would be an optional head with a bigger adjustment range.

It’s well known the Lev Integra features a patent-protected roller-clutch bearing to eliminate play between the two shafts. It’s an effective design and mean there’s almost zero play when the post is new.

Function wise the Lev Integra isn’t the quickest post on test and it’s pretty quiet when it extends but it feels smooth and has a relatively light action. It’s really low when fully compressed and for a 150mm post has a low stack height, in fact we reckon you could easily run a 170mm because of this extra clearance.

There is a lot to like about KS Lev Integra but we feel it needs a reboot, eliminating the pull-up is eliminated and adding 1x remote would be good place to start.


Diameter:30.9 and 31.6mm
Height options:125 and 150mm