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Fox Transfer Factory dropper post


Fox Transfer Factory dropper post review


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The Fox Transfer is infinitely adjustable throughout its travel. It features internal cable routing and, on this Factory version, a gold Kashima coating.

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Apart from the posh Kashima gold coating on the upper shaft, the Transfer Factory is identical to the Marzocchi Transfer post. We’d like to say this makes the post a smooth operator but back-to-back we couldn’t discern any difference between the two. It does look pretty though, and if you have a Fox fork on the front of you bike it’ll be co-ordinated.

Since we tested the Transfer Factory 12months ago, Fox has added an extra 175mm length and also updated the 1x remote. The old design was machined and worked okay but we had some issues with the small fixing bolts rounding out and also, we could never get it angled how we wanted. The new design is much robust and is also matchmaker compatible, which means you can bolt it directly to the brake to clean up the cockpit and eliminate the extra bar clamp. Unfortunately, it’s still not included for the price, so you will need to fine another £69 on top of the £369 asking price.

Like most cable posts, setting up the Transfer Factory is pretty simple. It routes bottom up, so the cable is anchor at the lever and all the bolts get Allen keys heads – you don’t need a Torx tool. The forward bolt on the saddle clamp is a little bit hard to access but there’s plenty of tilt adjustment, although it’s still not clear which way round the head goes.

The Transfer Factory has snappy action and returns to full height with a positive clunk. It’s feels incredibly precise, so you can pop it up and down quickly when rolling along undulating trail. A small amount of play does develop over time but this is one of the tightest posts out of the box.

With the new remote, the Transfer Factory is a more complete package but, when you add in the cost of the remote, it’s a costly one. We can’t fault build quality or the finish but there are posts in this test that work just as well but cost a third less.


Height options:100, 125, 150 and 175mm
Diameter:30.9 and 31.6mm