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Fox Transfer Factory dropper post


Fox Transfer Factory dropper post review


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The Fox Transfer is infinitely adjustable throughout its travel. It features internal cable routing and, on this Factory version, a gold Kashima coating.

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Fox’s Transfer is the brand’s second-generation dropper and replaces its reliable, if clunky to operate, DOSS post. The Transfer introduces internal cable routing and has an infinite travel adjustment range. Fox houses its hydraulic cartridge in the upper part of the dropper shaft, allowing for more fluid volume and subsequent lower air pressure, making it easy to activate at the lever. The Factory version here is £50 more for the signature, slick Kashima gold coating on the inner shaft that increases smoothness, but mostly just looks cool and matches high-end Fox shocks and forks if you’re lucky enough to have them on your bike.

fox transfer

The latest Fox remote is slim-line and available in two options for either side of the bar, depending on whether you run a 1x gearing system or not. We opted for the under bar version, with a dimpled thumb pad. It operates smoothly, but we’ve seen issues with durability and rounded bolts on the relatively small clamp parts. Worst thing about it though, is that it’s not actually included, and you have to stump up an extra £69, on top of the £369 Fox wants for the post, to get one.

fox transfer

We can’t fault the Transfer’s quality or reliability in all conditions, while the ease of actuation and ability to feather the lever to get exact saddle placement is great. The two-bolt saddle clamp is solid and waggle-free too, even if the front bolt isn’t very accessible. The drop action is smooth, solid and accurate – you never have to readjust or press the saddle again for precise positioning and audible clunks let you know when the seat is at either end of the stroke.


Function and finish are top notch, it’s pretty low profile, but the price is prohibitive compared to the others on test, and the remote isn’t quite perfect.


Weight:589g post, 19g remote
Height options:100mm, 125mm, 150mm
Diameter:30.9mm, 31.6mm