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Fox 34 Float Factory GRIP2

Installed in a chassis redesigned last year for extra stiffness and other benefits, Fox’s latest Float 34 fork has a damper and air spring that’s been tuned and updated for…

Score 10

Fox 36/38 XL Mud Guard

These purpose-made mudguards from Fox are designed to work seamlessly with Fox 36 and 38 forks. Like the best mountain bike mudguards, the XL slots into place underneath the brace.…

Score 9

Fox Float 38 Performance Elite

It’s a fast-changing market, but for now at least, the Fox Float 38 Performance Elite is our new performance benchmark. It comes at a cost though,

Score 10

The Fox 36 is one of the longest serving forks on the market has had a huge overhaul for 2021 and is now totally different, in and out.

Score 10

Fox Transfer Factory

The Fox Transfer is infinitely adjustable throughout its travel. It features internal cable routing and, on this Factory version, a gold Kashima coating.

Score 8

Fox 32 Float Factory Step Cast

The Fox 32 Float Factory Step Cast is one of the best race forks out there; noticeable reduction in weight has come at minimal cost in terms of performance.

Score 8

Fox Live Valve

Several brands have dabbled with active dampers, but have never fulfilled its promise. Now Fox has thrown its hat in the ring with Fox Live Valve.

If you want the best performing mid-travel trail fork in either 27.5 or 29in wheelsize, the Fox Float 34 factory series is definitely the one we’d recommend.

Score 10