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Spank Oozy 220 saddle


Spank Oozy 220 saddle review


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The Spank Oozy 220 tested here doesn’t weigh 220g or is 220mm wide, it’s just a sleek, hollow chromoly railed seat with a ‘kick-up’ at the rear end.

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There are three Spank Oozy saddles and as far as we can tell the numbers have no relevance other than to differentiate between the models. The kicked up shape, Spank says, gives added support when climbing challenging inclines. This little wedge allows you to push back onto the saddle to increase leverage without your bum sliding off the back of the saddle.

The shell is made from a reinforced polymer and is covered with co-moulded foam, which sound high-tech but it’s a pretty common construction method. There is central channel and some perforations under the sits bones to add comfort and the saddle features adaptive edges, which Spank says improves the fit and reduces stress on your soft bits. What we’re actually looking at here is a slight taper to the perimeter of the saddle so there are no hard edges.

We like the fact that you can sit right back into this saddle when climbing but it is slightly convex at the front so when you rotate forward it can feel uncomfortable. To mitigate this, we dropped the nose a degree and pulled the saddle forward on the rails by 10mm.

Despite the shape and cutaway, the Oozy 220 also feels hard. It’s okay for short rides or if you just like to session the downhills but if you’re going to be clocking up the miles either on a regular bike or e-bike, there are more comfortable and better fitting saddles.