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Ergon SMA3-M Comp


  • Reassuring body support


  • Flat shape makes you move around a little bit


Ergon SMA3-M Comp saddle review


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Not to cause confusion we reviewed Ergon’s SME3-M Comp saddle back in 2016 but this is the Ergon SMA3-M Comp saddle. There might only be one letter of difference between the two but it neatly divides up the saddles into their intended uses.

Whilst the ‘E’ in the SME3-M stands for Enduro, the ‘A’ in this version indicates that the Ergon SMA3-M Comp is intended as their ‘All-mountain’ saddle. To you and me this makes it the saddle in Ergon’s range most suited to the average trail rider. Ergon are another brand that has brought out a lot of innovative products aimed around rider comfort, so you would expect it to be pretty good.

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Shape wise the SMA3 is a relatively flat saddle that offers a larger surface area than a lot of its competitors. It certainly feels comfortable on the sit-bones and has a level of padding that feels like the perfect blend of firm and supportive and soft and cosseting. Long days in the saddle thankfully produce no ill effects, mainly down to the padding (it’s orthopaedic no less) but it also features a relatively long and deep channel to reduce pressure.

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For riders that like to move about a lot when riding, the Ergon provides minimal resistance, the tapered shape reduces the risk of catching your shorts when slipping off the back or back on. The downside to this lack of shape or transitioning is it takes some working out where you are. The thick micro-fibre cover stands up to abuse pretty well but if you go out in the rain it can get a little bit slippery and squeaky. Like several other brands, Ergon offer the SMA3 in a couple of different widths to suit more riders. For those that like to coordinate it’s also available in a few colour choices.


Colours:Black, Black/red, Black/blue, Lazer lemon
Width options:Small, Medium (Medium tested)
Actual width:140mm (Medium)