If there’s a better grip out there, we’ve yet to find it

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Ergon GE1 grips


Ergon GE1 grip review

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The GE1 grip differs from most by being specially shaped to fit the hand. So rather than a fixed, round diameter, the GE1 uses a slightly thinner zone under the thumb/first finger and a wider, more cushioned outer palm area.

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The grip is side-specific and needs to be orientated to match your hand/wrist — it’s marked with an ‘up’ position, but can also be twisted slightly to match rider preference or bar sweep.

Ergon has sweated every little detail, from using two different rubber compounds, fixed bar plugs and an inner 3mm clamp system that’s totally unobtrusive, through to ensuring the inner plastic core is stripped out in the areas where you need maximum shock absorption.

This vital detail ensures a direct rubber connection with the handlebar, and also increases damping and shock absorption.

Attachment to the bike is totally secure, with the hand seeming less able to twist, and textured rubber panels also offer excellent traction when hands are sweaty or wet.

I love how the repeatable hand position means you always know exactly where you are on the GE1, and quality and durability is superb too.

Overall, Ergon has ticked every box for such a crucial contact point — if there’s a better grip out there, I’ve yet to find it.


Sizes:Slim or regular