DMR has a reputation for developing well designed components that go the distance but carry a sensible a sensible price tag. Here we look at the brand's trail saddle.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

DMR Stage 2 MTB Rail Saddle


  • Bargain price. Stress relieving central channel and cutaway. Harder wearing side panels 


  • Only a single width. Stapled cover potentially compromises the long term durability


DMR Stage 2 MTB Rail saddle


Price as reviewed:


DMR’s new Stage 2 MTB Rail is one of those new/old products. The shape and construction are identical to the brand’s existing Oi Oi saddle, but the company has wrapped it in a new skin and added some harder-wearing reinforcement to the edges. It’s also toned down the lairy graphics; this saddle only comes in plain black.

The construction is pretty standard with hollow cro-mo rails, a reinforced nylon base and stapled cover. The latter is not quite as neat or as durable as the new bonded designs from Fizik and SDG, but so far, I’ve had no issues with it peeling away. The black finish on the rails is also pretty good – I had a few saddles in the recent group test where this coating started to flake off.

There is only a single width available, but the Stage 2 is well padded, and there’s both a central channel and cutaway underneath to reduce pressure on your delicate bits.

The new side reinforcement is a sort of rubberised material that is bonded to the microfibre cover. Traditionally companies would use a Kevlar or aramid edge material, but I find that can look tatty quickly and it also holds on to dirt; this doesn’t.

Although DMR has pretty much picked the shape from a catalogue, it’s a good one. With its blunt nose and deep shoulders, it reminds me of the SDG Bel-Air 3.0 and is on the slightly firmer/more supportive side. There’s a slight curve and raised tail to keep you centred, so you don’t feel like you’re floating around on the surface. There’s also a decent amount of flex in the base and that channel really does take the pressure off.


There’s nothing really ground breaking about the Stage 2 saddle, but there is one thing that is truly stunning and it’s the price. A lot of the similar specced saddles I tested earlier this year cost £70-80. Even the Fabric Magic Elite Radius was £50, so at £40 this an absolute bargain.


Weight :282g