Good value, plush, light and reasonably hard wearing

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DMR OiOi saddle


DMR OiOI saddle review


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Developed with the help of Ben ‘The Deakinator’ Deakin, the DMR OiOi saddle is low profile, lightweight and has a stress-relieving base.

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And it comes in two camo colourways — to reflect Ben’s former career in the Marines.

Construction is similar to most modern saddles – it has a nylon base, lightweight foam padding, a synthetic leather perforated cover and cro-mo steel rails, which is what you’d expect for £35.

The overall profile of the OiOi is similar to the DMR Stage saddle, but it has a slight hammock shape down the centre, so you sit ‘in’ the saddle rather than ‘on’ it. A recessed channel and cutaway underneath in the nylon shell, puts less stress on your soft parts, but like most modern saddles it does work best if you tilt the nose down slightly by a couple of degrees. I found I could sit right back into the shoulders of this saddle when climbing without slipping too far off the back. I’ve ridden the OiOi on some pretty long rides and it’s all-day comfortable and durability also seems good – it’s been banging around in the back of my van and it’s still in good nick.

My only issue with the OiOi is the cover – this has a sort of perforated finish, which is not that grippy and also tends to hold onto dirt, so you can slide around on it in the wet.

For the money the OiOi is good value, it’s also plush, light and reasonably hard wearing. I’d like to have seen more made of ‘The Deakinator’ branding (two colour options doesn’t seem like a lot of input) but this saddle does look pretty sleek on the bike.


Size:278mm x 147mm