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Canyon SD:ON saddle


Canyon SD:ON saddle review


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The Canyon SD:ON saddle was actually developed for the company’s e-bikes and all eight bikes in the Canyon’s e-bike ON range have it fitted.

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The different between the SD:ON a regular saddles is it has a wing or ledge at the rear. This unique feature came about because Canyon reckons on an e-bike you tend to sit down more when you’re climbing and this wing is something to push against. It’s also designed to stop you sliding off the back of the seat on both the climbs and descents.

Does it work? Absolutely, I felt more centred when powering up technical climbs on this saddle and I could also use the wing as a guide when descending. Contrary to what you might think, the SD:ON saddle is also surprisingly comfortable. In fact, the shape and nose profile is very similar to the test-winning SDG Bel Air 2.0 I reviewed last month. On really steep tech climbs I could hunker right forward over the front of the bike without the saddle digging into delicate parts. It’s a little tapered on the front edge but it never caught in my baggy shorts.

Canyon has a range of gender-specific e-bikes so it’s also offering the SD:ON in women’s version with a slightly different shape, pressure-reliving cutaway and softer padding around the sit bones. Both saddles get extra-long cromo rails and synthetic leather cover and, while the SD:ON isn’t particularly well finished underneath, so far it’s proved hardwearing.

I’ve used this saddle on both my regular trail bike and my e-bike Longtermer and it feels great on both. The shape takes a bit of getting used to but it’s really effective when power up steep short climbs. The only real negative is the price – it’s just a little high for what is a pretty basic construction and steel rails.