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Canyon MTB flat pedals

Like most bike manufacturers, Canyon offers a range of in-house components, including bars, stems, saddles, and this new addition, the Performance Flat Pedal. The difference here is Canyon isn’t just…

Score 9

Canyon Stoic 2

If you’ve been following our Hardtail of the Year test, you’re probably wondering why the Canyon Stoic 2 wasn’t in the mix. And the answer is simple. It didn’t arrive…

Score 9

Canyon Torque Mullet AL 6

If you’ve been flicking through the pages mbr for a few years you’ll remember the Torque as a 27.5in park bike with bottomless, sensitive, syrupy suspension. We couldn’t shut up…

Score 9

Canyon Neuron:ON 2023

Canyon has another new e-bike; the redesigned Neuron:ON. But does it complement the recently released Strive:ON, Torque:ON, and award-winning Spectral:ON, or does it just muddy the waters? We take it…

Direct Sale electric mountain bike of the year 2023 Canyon Spectral:ON CF 9 electric mountain bike

There aren’t many e-bikes designs that can boast the gen 3 tag, but because Canyon was in on the ground floor of e-bike development the Spectral:On is one such model…

Score 9

Canyon Neuron 6

The affordably-priced Canyon Neuron is a versatile, back-to-basics mountain bike, designed to be as adept as clocking up the miles as delivering the smiles on fun singletrack. So does it…

Canyon Hip Belt bum bag

Money belts might have fallen out of fashion with the advent of wireless payment technology, but a little bit of their ‘style’ and function lives on in the Canyon Hip…

Score 9

Canyon Torque 29 Al 6

There are subtle differences between the best enduro mountain bikes, and the best bike park shredders. So where does the Canyon Torque 29 fit in, exactly? Look at it one…

Canyon Spectral CF 8 K.I.S.

This new steering stabiliser was conceived by Syntace, developed in conjunction with Canyon and is fitted to one of the brand’s best trail bikes. It aims to improve control and…

Canyon Lux World Cup CFR mountain bike standing in forest

With the paint barely dry on the brand new Lux World Cup CFR Team, it should come as no surprise that it’s a modern XC race bike packed with all…

Score 9

Canyon Torque CF8 Mullet

The Canyon Torque has morphed into a bike park bike over the years, but can this redesign make it a more versatile proposition, that can challenge the best enduro mountain…

Score 8

The Canyon Spectral 125 CF 9 full-suspension mountain bike

Take a cursory glance at the new Spectral 125 and you could easily mistake it for the full-blown 150mm Spectral. Make no mistake though, the Spectral 125 is a unique…

Score 9

A photo of the Canyon Strive CFR in silver and black standing on a forest path

It’s already the EWS’s fastest bike under Jack Moir, but that hasn’t stopped Canyon pushing the boundaries with the brand new Strive CFR with the goal of becoming one of…