A sturdy, stable and efficient mountain bike floor pump that doubles as a tubeless tyre inflator

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Specialized Air Tool MTB


  • Solid construction, low pressure gauge, rapid inflation, easy-to-read dial, sturdy and stable, smooth action


  • Needs extra air for stubborn beads


Specialized Air Tool MTB floor pump review


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The Specialized Air Tool MTB is a floor pump that doubles as a tubeless tyre inflator, and thanks to a number of features performs impressively in each of these roles. It’s good enough to place it amongst the best mountain bike floor pumps and tubeless tyre inflators out there, in fact.

It’s one of only a few pumps on the market to come with a low-pressure gauge. This is rated up to 40-psi but other than needing a bit more air to pop a stubborn bead in place, the amount of volume and pressure this pump produces is more than enough to seat most tubeless tyres. It does require a little more force when you’re over 30psi but it’s incredibly rapid.

The steel construction is solid and it gets some nice details like grip tape on the base, sensible hose management and a wing-shaped handle, which felt surprisingly comfortable.

Photo of Specialized Air Tool MTB floor pump and tubeless tyre inflator

Specialized Air Tool MTB floor pump and tubeless tyre inflator

The Air Tool MTB comes with a SwitchHitter II head that adjusts automatically for Schrader and Presta valves. During testing it did stick, causing us to lose air when we first attached it but, like the Bontrager Dual Charger pump, it loosened up the more we used it. It also comes with a spare rubber seal in the box, the only pump to do so.

The best thing about the Air Tool MTB is the low-pressure gauge – it’s easy to read and accurate, you could easily do half PSI adjustments. It was about 3psi out but once you’ve worked in your optimum pressure you can pre-set the tiny bezel on the dial. There’s also a bleed button on the head so you can easily release some pressure from the tyre if you’ve gone too far.

The Air Tool MTB has a butter smooth action and gets air into the tyre really quickly. It’s only medium height but has a good length hose and felt stable even inflating a tyre on uneven ground.


It was a really close call between this and the Bontrager Dual Charger for best in test – both are excellent pumps but the Air Tool MTB gets to the runner up spot because it’s not quite as versatile and is the next level up in terms of cost.


Hose length:120cm