For less than £50 this Bontrager pump makes the perfect floor pump for home use, or leaving in the car to keep your tyres topped up at the trailhead.

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Score 10

Bontrager Dual Charger


  • Solid and stable, storage in handle, good price.


  • Bit of handle flex, no bleed valve.


Bontrager Dual Charger floor pump review


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The Bontrager Dual Charger floor pump is one of the best floor pumps on the market at a price that won’t break the bank. With its steel barrel and base, the Bontrager Dual Charger feels really solid but the plastic handle does flex a bit once you start inflating.

It has a comfortable profile though and on either end are two removable covers, so there’s space for a patch kit and the adapters, which are actually included in one end. The base has a couple of grip tape patches to stop your feet slipping, and it’s a reasonably tall pump with a decent length hose. Sensible hose management keeps this in check.

As the name suggests, the Dual Charger has a dual function, letting you toggle between HV (high volume) and HP (high pressure) settings by just flicking the switch on the base with your foot, and you can even do this mid-stroke.

In the HV setting, the Dual Charger inflated our test tyre to the highest pressure in 30strokes but to go higher, for example if you need to seat a particularly stubborn tubeless bead, you will need to switch it to HP, as it can get tough to push that much volume. Once the HP setting kicks in the pump feels smooth and efficient.

Bontrager Dual Charger pump

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Bontrager uses a spring loaded auto-select head that you simply push onto the valve stem. It fits both Presta and Schrader and there’s a thumb lock to hold it in place. The head was a little stiff when new but it did loosen up. The only thing missing from this excellent pump is a bleed valve.


We’re rating the Bontarger the best of test because it has a smooth action, feels solid and stable, has an easy-to-read gauge and can be switched easily between the two settings allowing you to get your MTB tyre inflated quickly and easily. It’s also fantastic value for money.


Hose length:120cm
Pressure after 30 strokes:38psi