The Lezyne Pressure Over Drive isn't just a floor pump; it's also a tubeless tyre inflator.

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Lezyne Pressure Overdrive


  • Chamber provides big air boost for tyre bead seating, classic design, superb sturdy construction, solid and comfortable to use


  • Slow for pumping tyres and charging air chamber, fiddly valve head


Lezyne Pressure Over Drive floor pump review


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Offering both regular tyre inflation and an chargeable air chamber for seating and inflating tubeless setups, the Lezyne Pressure Over Drive has plenty of the features you’d want from one of the best mountain bike floor pumps on the market, but it is let down by a few things.

The Over Drive is designed for seating tubeless tyres. It comes with a secondary air chamber that you charge to around 120psi and then you activate the lever on the base to blow all the compressed air into the tyre, hopefully popping the bead into place.

At £150, the Lezyne Pressure Over Drive is expensive but the construction is superb. It has an old-school wooden handle but it’s comfortable and doesn’t flex. The pump felt solid and didn’t topple over in use. It has an accurate digital gauge, which is top mounted, so is easy to access the different modes.

Detail of wooden handle on Lezyne Pressure Overdrive floor pump

Construction is superb, with a sturdy and comfortable wooden handle

What’s less convincing is the ABS2 head. Like the Blackburn Core 3 floor pump it has a reversible chuck that fits either way for the different valve types, but rather than pushing on at the Presta side it actually threads onto the valve stem. This means if the valve is slightly bent it can leak air when you’re threading it on and off, and if the core is ever so slightly loose it can actually unthread the whole thing.

Thankfully Lezyne does include a tool on the end of this chuck, so you can at least tighten it easily.

Compared to the Lifeline Airblast tubeless pump tested here, it took more strokes to charge the Pressure Over Drive but it did provide a bigger boost of air for consistent bead seating.


If you use the Lezyne Pressure Over Drive like a regular pump it’ll inflate road tyres easily but with a mountain bike tyre 30 strokes only gets you to 24psi. It’s also not as quick to charge and when you add in the fiddly head and extra cost, it’s hard to recommend this over the Lifeline Airblast. We’re also not fans of the release lever – it really looks out of place on a Lezyne product costing £150.


Hose length:120cm