A high-pressure suspension pump with handy etched ruler for getting your sag dialled in just right

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Cane Creek Digital Shock Pump


  • Smooth action, etched ruler to measure sag, nice finish


  • Pricy


Cane Creek Digital shock pump


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Cane Creek make some premium bicycle components including forks and shocks, so it’s hardly a surprise to learn they also produce a shock pump for tuning the aforementioned suspension. Featuring a range of handy features, it’s designed to sit amongst the best suspension pumps on the market.

If you’re serious about setting your sag correctly and actually measuring the percentage of shock stroke rather than eyeballing it, then you’ll need a small ruler. Thankfully Cane Creek includes one on the barrel of its latest Digital shock pump. It’s etched into the gold surface and the rubber hose clip also acts as a guide, but it only goes up to 50mm, while most shocks have a longer stroke than this, so you’ll have to fudge it a little.

The Cane Creek Digital is gold anodised but it does cost a fair bit considering its virtually identical to the £40 Lifeline Digital. The only difference is the adapter that screws onto the valve, it’s a bit longer than normal so you have to thread it further on before it engages, but it does let you get into some tight spaces.

The performance is on a par with the Lifeline and Topeak shock pumps, hitting 84psi after 100 strokes and 132 after 200. There’s nothing different about the digital unit – it can be toggled between the three different settings, it has an auto off after 90seconds and changing the battery is relatively easy, you just need that 2mm Allen key.

Is this worth an extra £40 over the Lifeline Airblast shock pump? The finish is nice and having a ruler on the side is a great idea but the answer is no because you can buy a 6in metric ruler for about £2.50.


It has a light smooth action, and it feels comfortable in use. The button handle allows precise adjustment but also something to push against when getting in those last few strokes.


Gauge display:Digital