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Cane Creek DB Air IL Trunnion shock

Hand-assembled in the USA, Cane Creek’s latest IL (inline) shock has been updated, and now comes with new Trunnion mount options. Is it good? Let’s just say it’s now got…

Score 9

Photo of the Cane Creek Digital Shock Pump

Cane Creek make some premium bicycle components including forks and shocks, so it’s hardly a surprise to learn they also produce a shock pump for tuning the aforementioned suspension. Featuring…

Score 7

Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil shock

With four easily-accessible tuning dials, Kitsuma is Cane Creek’s latest generation Double Barrel shock, hand built in North Carolina and available in either air or coil sprung guises – and…

Score 9

Cane Creek eeWings

High-end Cane Creek eeWings weigh about the same as leading carbon cranks, but enjoy the advantage of superior impact resistance, stiffness and durability.

Score 8

cane creek helm air

Available in both air and coil versions, Cane Creek Helm Air MK2 has been significantly updated with the primary goal of lower friction.

Score 9

best mountain bike suspension forks

The air-sprung Helm has been around for a couple of seasons and with this Cane Creek Helm Coil, the US brand is one of the few offering a coil-sprung fork.

Score 9

Cane Creek DBCoil InLine

A “rebel shock” built by one of Cane Creek’s coil fanatics. The new Cane Creek DBCoil InLine is a creation that it sure to delight the anti-air brigade.

Score 9