If you're searching for the best mini-pump for high-speed inflation, look no further.

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Topeak Mountain TT-G


  • Powerful and efficient. Comfortable to use.


  • Expensive. Gauge is not that accurate. Chunky.


Topeak Mountain TT-G mini-pump review


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Topeak makes loads of mini pumps, but you could hardly call the Mountain TT-G mini – it’s a monster. But it’s also one of the best mountain bike mini-pumps on the market. The length is pretty similar to the other pumps here, but the girth is way bigger, and it has a huge volume. It also features Topeak’s ‘Twin Turbo’ technology which means it pushes air on both the pull and push strokes. The cadence is slightly different to a normal pump and takes some getting used to, but it got our test tyre up to pressure in no time – it’s lightning fast. It’s also really comfortable to use, your hand is protected, and there’s plenty to get hold of. The Mountain also features a handy thumb lock and, while the valve sits slightly shallow in the head of the pump, it never slipped off. The Mountain TT-G is configurable for both Presta and Schrader valves by re-organising the internals and comes with a mounting bracket should you want to carry this beast on your bike.

The Mountain TT-G is one of the more expensive pumps on test, and the gauge is not that accurate, but this is a top quality inflator that gets the job done with greater efficiency and greater speed than anything else on test.


If we were standing by the side of the trail in the rain with a double flat, this is the pump we’d want in our pack – it really is that good.


Strokes/pressure:50-4psi, 100-13psi, 200-27psi