A quality mini-pump with an efficient action at a good price from Lezyne.

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Score 9

Lezyne Grip Drive HV


  • Well made. Grippy handle. Gets up to pressure quickly.


  • Handle is a bit short. Hose can leak air during installation/removal from valve.


Lezyne Grip Drive HV mini-pump review


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The name says it all; the Lezyne Grip Drive HV has a knurled aluminium handle that offers a ton of traction and it’s one of the best mountain bike mini-pumps we’ve tested. The pump is also a High-Volume design, meaning it shoves a load of air in the tyre with every stroke and was one of the few pumps to get to the mid-twenties at 200 strokes, and it did so fairly effortlessly. It seems the Kashima-style shaft anodising really makes a difference on those last few difficult strokes.

Housed inside the end of the pump is a short, threaded, ABS Flex hose. This has a Schrader fitting on one end and Presta on the other. It also features a mini bleed valve, letting you purge air from the system. In theory, using a hose rather than direct mount head puts less stress on the valve stem, but with the Lezyne, you do need to twist the whole pump when winding it on and off, and we found this a bit awkward, and it would often leak air in the process. That said, it is a super-efficient, high-volume mini pump – our only gripe is that the handle is a little bit short and it can feel uncomfortable when hammering out 200-strokes.


An absolute top-drawer mini pump, that has an effortless action, shifts a load of air and is also fully rebuildable. 


Strokes/pressure:50-3.5psi, 100-11psi, 200-25psi