Another new product from the prolific designers at Endura. Atherton-approved, how does it measure up against the best pads on the market?

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 7

Endura MT500 D30 Ghost Knee Pads


  • Excellent fit. Light and compact. Great airflow.


  • Reduced size range. Expensive.


Endura MT500 D3O Ghost knee pad review


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Since hooking up with the Athertons, Endura has broadened its protection range and has added several new knee pads including the MT500 D3O Ghost. This features a D3O insert, which is soft and malleable when inert, so hugs the bony contours of your knee but stiffens dramatically during an impact. The insert is built into a rip-stop chassis, but this cover is quite a loose fit, which we’re assuming is to help the pad slide.

Endura MT500 D3O Ghost knee pad

Endura MT500 D3O Ghost knee pad

To eliminate hot spots on the tendons at the back of the knee, there’s a soft mesh panel running down the back of the MT500 D3O Ghost. This knee pad is also articulated, so bends as you pedal, so there’s zero bunching or binding. Testers rated this knee pad second only to the Rapha Trail knee pad in terms of pedalling comfort.

To ensure the pads stay in place when you are cranking hard, there is a wide silicone lined band across the thigh and Endura uses a Lycra cuff on the bottom, which we found sits nicely over the calf.

Although D3O hardens on impact, the insert is quite thin, so it’s more of a scuff protection. If you take a hard slam, you’re definitely going to feel it. On the plus side the insert has an open grid, so airflow is excellent and we had no clamminess on the knee.


The MT500 D3O Ghost is pretty versatile– the low weight and compact size means it can easily stash it in a bum bag or backpack, but you can also ride this pad all day without over heating. It also fits like a glove and there’s zero chaffing. However, like the Fox Enduro Pro tested elsewhere, it’s pricey for a knee pad with low-level protection and with limited sizes, meaning if you’re outside the average you may struggle getting one to fit.