If you want extended protection for warmer days, the 100% Teratec+ ticks all the boxes.

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100% Teratec+ Knee Guards


  • Extended coverage. Comfortable.


  • Warmer than some.


100% Teratec+ knee pad review


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With a full knee, most of the shin and some extra padding over the thigh, the 100% Teratec+ is one of the longest and heaviest, but also one of the best, knee pads on the market. It might seem strange that there’s an extra sleeve above the knee but often when you crash you rollover your knee onto the top of your thigh and this area can obviously be in the firing line. This sleeve is also articulated, so moves with you when you pedal.

100% Teratec+

100% Teratec+

100% uses a SmartShock insert, which is Impact Certified and is reasonably thick. It’s cutaway at the sides, so deforms easily when you bend the knee and it also extends quite far down, protecting the shin from rock strikes or pedal scrapes. There’s some more foam padding lower down and round the side of the knee and the pad is also covered with an anti-abrasion skin. 100% has lined the 2in upper elasticated hem with some silicon gripper and there’s also some gripper on the bottom but it seems slightly overkill.

That extra sleeve and all the extra padding does mean the Teratec+ is a bit warmer than most but it’s offset somewhat by the mesh back panel that’s perforated and highly breathable. It’s comfortable too, we didn’t get any bunching and discomfort in the crook of our knee when pedalling.


If you have big, muscly thighs this type of pad may be a little restrictive, but it offers an impressive level of protection. It’s also a great pad for riding overgrown trails or where there’s lots of roost or stones flying up that can whack your shin. It can feel clammy in hot weather, but this pad will definitely keep you warm when it’s cold. Full length protection without a hard shell, this knee pad definitely fills that niche.


Sizes:S, M, L and XL