Dainese were kings of MTB protection back in the day, but these Trail Skins Air knee pads were underwhelming.

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Dainese Trail Skins Air Knee Guards


  • Good ventilation.


  • Unstable. Pad can float around.


Dainese Trail Skins Air knee pad review


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This is the updated version of the Dainese Trail Skins 2 Lite knee pad we’ve tested previously. It has a new lightweight mesh chassis and revamped Pro-Shape 2.0 Protector.

According to the Italian manufacturer, the latter design takes inspiration from nature and features a lattice of interlocking shapes that improves air flow and creates a better fit because it can bend and deform in all directions. This also is an advantage during an impact as it can dissipate the shock to a wider area. The pad has some additional side protection via a couple of foam bolsters but they’re a bit ineffective.

Dainese Trail Skins Air knee pad

Dainese Trail Skins Air knee pad

This knee pad comes in a ton of individual sizes and aso features a stretchy rip-stop mesh construction, so should fit even the most knobbly of knees. Both hems are reinforced and feature silicone grippers to stop the pad moving about when pedalling, but the mesh body is so flimsy that the protector just floats around, even when this pads is worn under trousers. One of our testers actually had a crash wearing the Trails Skins and the protector slid away from his knee during the impact, exposing shin and causing some surface abrasion. All sleeve style pads will move during an incident but the Trail Skins feel particularly unstable.

With such an open lattice, air can circulate freely. There’s no clamminess, and it even has perforated padding to help wick moisture from your skin. This would be a great knee for wearing under a pair of waterproof trouser in the winter without overheating.


The old Trail Skins 2 Lite, had a floating protector but with two elastic straps attempting to hold it in place. The Trail Skins Air is slightly better but it still doesn’t stay put, and when it moves this easily how can it protect you?