The Santa Cruz Palmdale is a fat grip with some unexpectedly useful features

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Santa Cruz Palmdale


Santa Cruz Palmdale review


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From the outside it looks like the Santa Cruz Palmdale grip is just a single-collar grip, but if you chopped it in half you’d see it has a taper-lock core.

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As you jam the bar into the grip it wedges into this taper, resulting in a more secure fit and eliminating the end twist you get with some single collar grips.

Interestingly, the Santa Cruz Palmdale doesn’t slide on fully, leaving about 10mm of overhang, which we think is a really good way of adding some width to your handlebar for next to nothing.

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The Santa Cruz Palmdale is a fat grip, but has plenty of cushioning, and the Moto knurl pattern feels secure even in damp or dry conditions. If you have big hands or want more bar width, this is the one.

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Weight:107 grams
Diameter:31 mm
Length:136 mm