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Santa Cruz Tallboy X01 AXS RSV 2023

The Santa Cruz Tallboy is the short 120mm travel 29er but don’t let the travel numbers decieve you – this is a bike that’s designed to be aggressively fast, full-send…

Score 9

Santa Cruz 5010 C GX RSV MY23

The Santa Cruz 5010 has a reputation as the playful, capable bike in the stable that’s ready for fun times. Of course, it’s evolved over the years, and there are…

Santa Cruz Nomad MY23

The Santa Cruz Nomad has long been one of the best enduro mountain bikes on the market, but the last version was a bit behind the curve with its 27.5in…

Side photo of the Santa Cruz Megatower standing on cobbled street in France

‘Bigger and badder’ exclaims the slogan on Santa Cruz’s marketing blurb for the new Megatower. Considering the first generation bike was hardly a minnow, boasting 160mm of rear wheel travel…

Photo of Santa Cruz hardtail mountain bike in yellow

The much-revered Santa Cruz Chameleon turns 25 in 2022 (much like our beloved MBR magazine). This do-it-all hardtail rolled into production in 1997 and is one of the longest-running model…

Santa Cruz Heckler CC AXS RSV (2022)

The original Santa Cruz Heckler didn’t set the world alight: with updated geometry, bigger wheels and a larger capacity battery, Santa Cruz aims to take on the best electric mountain…

Santa Cruz Bronson CC

For the longest time, the Santa Cruz Bronson has been the quintessential 150mm travel trail bike in the Santa Cruz line, the new Bronson offers mullet.

Score 8

Santa Cruz Blur

No one can accuse Santa Cruz of jumping on the XC bandwagon; along with the V10, the original Santa Cruz Blur helped pioneer its VPP suspension.

Score 8

Santa Cruz Carbon Riser

Santa Cruz Carbon riser bar is made using the same technology as Santa Cruz’s frames and wheels and it is pretty lightweight at 227 grams.

Score 8

Does the new Santa Cruz Hightower version have the same significance, or will it simply languish in the shadow of the Santa Cruz Megatower?

Score 10

santa cruz tallboy

The new Santa Cruz Tallboy blends big bike geometry with small bike travel: so is it a trail bike, an XC bike, or something else entirely?

santa cruz megatower

Is this new Santa Cruz Megatower a big wheel Nomad or something completely different? Here’s the low-down and our first ride review thoughts.

best enduro mountain bikes

Hard not to love the Santa Cruz Nomad CC. It looks drop dead gorgeous, pedals better than most 140mm bikes but you have 170mm to get you out of trouble.

Score 9

Need to know Full carbon frame and swingarm 150mm travel front and rear Higher spec S build (£3,999) comes with a Reverb and Pike fork Kashima shock upgrade available for…