Keep your precious wheels safe when travelling from A to B with Evoc's Two Wheel transport bag.

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Evoc Two Wheel Bag


  • Protective, solid build, and accommodates two 29in wheels and big volume tyres


  • Expensive option


Evoc Two Wheel Bag review


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Wheel bags are traditionally for racers, those serious folk who need spare wheels so a wrecked rim won’t ruin their weekend. The Evoc Two Wheel Bag is extremely useful without heading between the tape though. It’s protected many a rotor, car interior, van, frame and camper from scrapes, dings and mud – good news if you’ve invested in the best mountain bike wheels and want to protect them. 

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Photo showing reinforced outer plate on the Evoc Two Wheel Bag

Hard plates on the outside of the bag add protection

Made entirely from polyethylene, it’s tough enough to survive both being dragged around the garden by my children (one riding inside), and the crush of bikes in the back of a van.

Plenty of protection

Peer in and there’s a stiff divider to keep two wheels apart with reinforced-plastic hub protection to stop them denting each other. Evoc has also built in a pocket that’ll take your axles if you like, but it’s largely superfluous as really you want to keep those on the bike and in the fork or rear dropouts.

Internal closeup photo showing brake rotors against the protective bag inner

Foam-lined padding and harder protective reinforcements keep wheels and disc rotors apart and protected

The sidewalls get a substantial layer of foam, sandwiched between a tough outer membrane and a ripstop material inside. Then there’s more reinforcement courtesy of hard plastic shells either side to protect the edges of your hubs, and it makes the whole thing look like a viking shield complete with bosses. Two big non-viking carry handles complete the bag.

Very closeup photo showing the fabric weave on the Evoc Two Wheel Bag

The bag fabric is super tough and abrasion resistant

The whole thing is waterproof enough, so your muddy and wet wheels won’t leak all over the car. I’ve never washed the Two Wheel Bag (although Evoc says you can hand wash it) but periodically I turn it upside down and bash out the mud-turned-dust inside.

Closeup photo of the inside of the Evoc Two Wheel Bag

Internal reinforced pocket space

Evoc says the bag was designed for two rims, but it’s actually big enough to take two 29in wheels with 2.5in tyres as well, even including the rotors and a 12speed cassette. You could go bigger too by removing the wheel furniture, something you’d want to do anyway if you were checking the bags in as airline luggage. 

So after half a year of misuse, it’s muddy and the outer shell protection is scraped up, but otherwise in great shape. I can only think of one improvement; an abrasion resistant base to prevent drag marks. 



Evoc’s Two Wheel Bag is the roomiest we’ve seen, it’s robust and offers really great protection for your wheels, but that does come at a hefty price.