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2Toms Buttshield


2Toms Buttshield review


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Chamois creams and their ilk are a delicate area – literally. 2Toms Buttshield isn’t actually a traditional chamois cream. It’s better than that.

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If you’re sensitive downstairs, a chamois cream is a great way to reduce the friction that causes irritation and chafing. The thing is 2Toms Buttshield isn’t a cream; it’s more like a slippery lubricant. In fact it reminds me of King of Shave shaving oil – a little goes a long way, it glides on really easily and it’s way less messy.

So does it work better than a traditional cream?

I’ve been racing and riding bikes for about 25years and I’ve used various creams during that time. Most feel great when you first lather them on but they don’t last, especially in wet weather. Buttshield is one of the first chamois products I’ve tested that I can actually feel working and for a full day on the bike, not just 15minutes at the start.

I reckon it’s the best stuff you can buy for this delicate condition, totally recommended.


Size:1.5oz roll