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Redbull Spect Whip MX goggle

The RedBull Spect Whip MX is a new goggle from a relatively new eyewear brand called Spect. In the past the brand made well-respected snow goggles in partnership with RedBull,…

Score 5

Sensus Lite grips

With a dense, ribbed profile, these Sensus Lite grips came on a test bike and I’ve seriously fallen for them. They’re pretty skinny at 29mm diameter, but feel way more…

Score 9

Peaty's Tubeless Valves

Peaty’s valves already come recommended, but the latest versions are even better by incorporating a spoke key for standard 3.4mm nipples in the threaded dust cap. Read more: Buyer’s guide…

Score 9

whoop 3.0

Whoop 3.0 Strap comes with the new pro knit band which claims to be the most comfortable strap whilst dispersing sweat as well as a five day battery life.

Score 8

Specialized Power Comp Mimic saddle

Specialized boasted on the launch of the Mimic that ‘your vagina will thank you’ and, from where I’m sitting it was absolutely right. A great combination of aesthetics, durability, price…

Score 10

The MugGuard from Mucky Nutz is a front guard that fits underneath and attaches to the fork brace using regular zip ties or QR Velcro straps. The latter are supplied…

Score 10

ION 3-layer Traze Amp short

If you want to continue enjoying your riding you need good waterproof kit like this ION 3-Layer Traze Amp short from German brand Ion.

Score 9

100% Altec Helmet

100% makes a range of full-face headwear but also this open face, called the 100% Altec helmet.

Score 7

Topeak Tubi 18

Topeak has just launched a range of multi-tools designed for maintaining and repairing tubeless tyres and the Topeak Tubi 18 is the mid-level model.

Score 8

Lezyne Torque Drive

The Lezyne Torque Drive is a mini torque wrench that comes with a removable handle and integrated magnet to hold the bits in place.

Score 7

Lifeline Pavo Motion 900

The official retail price for the Lifeline Pavo Motion 900 is £79.99, but it sells online at £59.99, so it looks like this is the real world price.

Score 7

Although you can buy both of these lights separately, we were sent the set, which retails for £159.99. In the box you get a 1,100 lumen bar light and 800

Score 8

Nightrider Pro 4200 Enduro

Build quality of Nightrider Pro 4200 Enduro is excellent and we like the carry case, but it’s heavy system and lacks run time to challenge the best on test.

Score 7

magicshine monteer 6500

The Magicshine Monteer 6500 Zeus is a great product that is better finished and more durable that anything we've tested previously from the brand.

Score 9

Lumicycle Commute S

Although not the flagship MTB light in the range, Lumicycle has really upped its game and the Lumicycle Commute S is an excellent all-rounder.

Score 8