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One Up Aluminium Pedal


OneUp Aluminium Pedal review


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One Up Aluminium Pedal takes a different approach to others, with a single size, slim profile and oversize inboard bearing sitting close to the crank.

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At 113mm by 103mm, the broad platform measures up favourably against the regular Crank Brothers Stamp. Effectively you get more real estate on which to plant your foot, without adding to the overall width – so they’re less likely to catch on trailside debris, or indeed the ground when cranked over.

It’s much slimmer too – 5mm at the centre and 8mm around the perimeter – giving better ground clearance on bikes with super low bottom brackets. Yes, that does mean that the pedal body is actually convex, instead of concave, which flies in the face of convention. But, by positioning taller pins around the outer edges of the pedal, One Up claims it creates the feel of a concave pedal.

To a degree that’s accurate; certainly it doesn’t feel like your foot is wrapping around the axle. And the grip is excellent from those tall, spiky pins, even when you’re not wearing Five Tens. Certainly there’s a stronger bond between man (or woman) and machine than you get with the Crank Brothers Stamp 3, but it’s still not a match for our favourite flat du jour – the eminently concave Nukeproof Horizon.

Hidden within that low-profile body are four, yes four cartridge bearings. One large unit at the inboard end, and three to support the outer end. The entire axle assembly is removable and serviceable by using a Shimano cassette lockring tool. Which is a clever idea, but the splines are too shallow, so you have to be careful to stop the tool slipping when loosening the axle. We also lost the pedal washers and seals from both pedals during the test – they remained attached to a pair of Race Face cranks when we unscrewed them, and we didn’t notice until the bike had been sent back.

Slim, secure and with a surface area that’s generous enough for most feet, the One Up is the clear choice here. However, cast your net a little wider, and you can have the superb, and appreciably more tenacious Nukeproof Horizon for the same, if not less, cash.


Colours:Black, green, grey