Your wallet will thank you, but your shins probably won't

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 7


  • Fantastic price but no compromise on durability


  • Uncomfortable platform shape
  • Beware the super-sharp pins


Nukeproof Electron Flat Pedal Review


Price as reviewed:


This composite-bodied flat pedal is by far the cheapest on test, but we’ve seen Alpine guides run these nylon-reinforced platforms for multiple seasons with zero issues. Being lightweight, they’re easy to turn over while cranking.

Nukeproof’s platform height is competitively low-profile, but a raised central ridge sits proud of the front and rear edges, where the body wraps around a chromoly steel axle. This convex shaping means you can feel the middle bump through the sole, and the foot’s toes and arches get a little claw-like wrapped around the top of the pedal for a marginally more uncomfortable and tiring ride.

For traction, two inboard studs are integrated and moulded into the pedal body, with six extra removable steel pins around the outside edges. While most pedals offer more studs, the Electron is still plenty grippy as the pins are sharp and pointy enough to dig into shoes ruthlessly. There’s way more bite than you’d imagine, but watch your shins as these thinner pins can easily puncture flesh.

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The Electron is fantastic value, and tough enough to handle the abuse of aggressive riding, but it could be better if the body shape was a bit flatter or even slightly concave.


Pins (per side):8