Simon Collis

Simon Collis

Previous editor of MBR. Now heads up the Cycling team overall.

It's not worth paying for a service but there are still things you can do to help improve performance and longevity which will transform fork performance.

Download the Surrey Hills route GPS file from our November issue’s South London City Limits feature

Quiet country lanes and bridleways... and then the new Surface to Air downhill trail at Aston Hill

You don't need to head to the Highlands for your kicks when there's killer natural single track in sleepy Somerset

Our mission to discover the best sections of trail in the UK kicks off with this excellent Exmoor route from Porlock.

Download this great GPS mountain bike route from Shipley, Leeds

Download the GPS route in Shipley from our September issue's Leeds City Limits feature

Download our free GPS route around Sheffield, from the City Limits feature in the January issue.

Possibly the definitive Peak route, blending singletrack, technical sections and some fantastic views. While there’s some debate about the best way to approach this route we think you can’t go…

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Want a great route on the Isle of Arran? Check out our GPS file here.

North Third might seem to suffer in the shadow of the Trossachs and Arrochar Alps, but it’s a sublime offering even so.

If you’re looking for MBR’s forum… we’re afraid you’re in the wrong place. The Forum has for many years been a source of pride to the MBR team – it…