We didn't know much about Loaded Components — but we really loved this pedal

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Loaded Flat AMX Signature V2


  • Wide platform and low ride height
  • Perfect level of grip


  • Not much to complain about here


Loaded Flat AMX Signature V2 pedal review


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Loaded makes a comprehensive range of bike components, including this AMX Signature Flat Pedal. We’ve tested this pedal before, but the new V2 version here is a tad lighter and is now available in seven colours.

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It still has the same large (100x110mm) cutaway platform, 12.5mm profile and cro-mo steel axle, which runs on six sealed bearings and two DU bushings. There are 10 pins per side, which screw in from the opposite surface — they’re a thicker design but they also have pretty sharp edges, so dug easily into my soft-soled Five Tens.

Loaded makes a big deal about the reduced Q-factor (this is the distance between the pedal axles) on this pedal, and it’s able to achieve this by eliminating the spanner flats from the axle – the AMX has a single 6mm Allen socket on the end for installation.

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Apparently the narrower Q-factor increases cornering clearance and creates more consistent pedal engagement. I’m not so sure about the latter, but I’ve yet to see any significant scuffing on
either pedal.

The AMX platform has a nice shape — it’s slightly concave, so there’s something to push against when riding technical trails, and you can reposition your feet easily if you have to dab or steady yourself in a turn.

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Compared to my favourite DMR Vault, the Loaded Flat AMX Signature V2 is a tad smaller but has a lower profile. It’s also slightly cheaper and has better quality bearings, which felt smooth out of the box, and have stayed that way since.

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Weight:360 grams
Colours:Red, silver, green, black, gold, blue