Great choice for someone with smaller feet, though it lacks the support and locked in feel of the best pedals

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HT ANS10 Supreme


HT ANS10 Supreme review


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Designed in conjunction with the racer Martin Söderström, the ANS10 Supreme is a compact pedal with an extruded and machine aluminium platform.

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A big wedge of material has been removed from the corner of the platform, so it offers great clearance and is light too.

To maximise traction, there are 10 pins per side and these are nice and thin, resulting in good sole purchase even in the wet. The pins utilise a replaceable SAP washer system, so you can tune the height and replace them easily if you bend one during a rock strike. Unlike the similar looking ProTaper, theses pins also come pre-fitted, feature an Allen head, so can be installed with no special tools. They also thread in from the back, so bottom out when tightened, which stops them working loose.

The platform is shaped ever so slightly, which helps keep the foot centred but we found it’s a little high on the inside edge, which caused our feet to tip in slightly when pedalling.

We’ve tested HT pedals several times in the past and the typical UK weather isn’t often kind to the bearings but we’ve had no issues this time round – the quality IGUS bushing and mini cartridge bearings are still play free and running smooth. The surface scuffed up really quickly but HT is not the only company with this problem.

With its sharp pins, the ANS 10 feels grippy but it’s smaller than the measurements suggest and, while it’d be a great choice for someone with smaller feet, it lacks the support and locked in feel of the best pedals in this test.


Platform size:100 x 100mm