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DMR V-Twin


DMR V-Twin pedal review


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When Shimano’s patent for a sprung loaded clipless mechanism expired, the DMR V-Twin jumped on the design to create DMR’s first ever clipless pedal.

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This floating central mechanism sits the nose up, allowing for easier cleat location and quicker engagement than a standard clipless system.

The V-Twin also works well with any Shimano compatible cleat but the version that comes with the pedal does provide slightly easier engagement and less notchy feeling float. The mechanism has adjustable release tension, this is also indexed for better balancing the tension of each side. But accessing the adjustment screw on the left hand pedal is a little awkward. But while the mechanism does provide slightly easier engagement, it does add weight; the V-Twin being the heaviest pedal on test.

Maintenance and durability can be a bit of an issue with the V-Twin. Over several months of use we have noticed the bearings develop play on the axle and the sprung mechanism becoming sluggish and refusing to cooperate. It’s a relatively easy fix to clean and regrease the mechanism, but bearing play is more tricky to deal with.


Platform:104 x 80mm